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Global warming is a true fact: produced by the hand man or ecological invention to conscience people about the need to establish parameters to protect environment. But a thing is fair: The Earth is changing its evolution. To observe this change one only must to read all days news, where they inform about different alterations in the eco system. Recently I take an info that appears in National Geographic about Kilimanjaro.

Man follow Yeti's traces

They start the info with the question: Kilimanjaro's snows gone by 2022? Who thinks in a year that is so far if we don’t have finish 2010 still? The atmospheric conditions could change on a few years or is it impossible to correct?

All the news about climate change are catastrophic. Doesn't a little hope to salve the planet? Are we doomed to live with the panic of know that tomorrow will be worst that today? Or Are they prevent us for a nasty future and must we adapt to it? All the answers soon, in the next future that is waiting for us.


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