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One day you want to do some reforms in your house. For example create a bathroom in your bedroom. And hands to work, that you start pull down a wall when: “what surprise!” Behind the wall you discover an old picture that for the illustrations (you aren’t an expert) you think that is a prehistoric draw. In this moment your live is changing for always. Your first thought is that if you say about this discovery to ministry of culture you can lose the house.

Man discover some pictures in the wall

You contact with ministry. After all, you are a good citizen. Even knowing that they could put you out of the house for the archaeological works. Some weeks after the call to ministry, they came with their scalpels to scratch the walls, then left and never came back. What disappointment! They don’t show interest in the picture.

After all this, you forget the works for the bathroom and lying in bed, all days, look at the picture thinking in a man that drew in the wall a worth jewel that only for you have importance.


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