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Humans are free to do all they want except when are under the dumb arm of the law. In an anarchist state you could do whatever you please, but for luck or for disgrace people are controlled by laws, bans and penalties.

And this is what happened with a trucker who was penalized for smoking in the interior of his truck.

Trucker stopped for a Policeman for smoking in his truck

It’s evident that the trucker was surprised by the police reaction because he didn’t was disturbing person. He was lonely in his vehicle. But for the authority forces, this fact was considered as:

No person shall smoke tobacco or hold lighted tobacco in any enclosed public place or enclosed workplace.”

I think that is a little incredible that even when you are quietlty smoking into your car, where you don't disturb person, only to yourself, police can interrupt and fine you. If for example is when you are driving, it could be considered like reckless driving, so in these cases I agree, but not if you are stopped in a parking.

I don’t know legislations in others countries but when you drive your taxi, truck or particular vehicle think twice before to light up a cigarette.


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