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One manner to collaborate with environment preservation is saying NO to plastic bags. When you go shopping in a supermarket the first reaction is to put all in a plastic bag that offers the establishment. Nowadays a lot of shops, superstores, retaliers, etc are doing to pay for these bags or they offer a discount in the bill if you don’t need it. Many people are using cloth bags with an ecological logotype for to help with this campaign.

Fish pursued by a plastic bag

Because plastic bags are very dangerous for environment and although you know that all the garbage is destroyed, a lot of pouches are carried by the wind all days and can to finish for example in a river or in the sea with grave consequences for the habitat (all year, a lot of marine animals dead because they are trapped is plastic bags). The break down process for these bags is very slow and can take up 1,000 years to disappear.

It is time too for retailers, supermarket cashiers, etc to encourage people for to use another ecological bag types. They must to inform customers about dangers and offer alternatives. It isn’t difficult, only to have environmental awareness and to want to do it.


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