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When a success as happened in September the 11th 2001, all the world are victim of terrorism.
This terrorist attack isn’t only against the USA, or against all the people that don’t think as that fanatics who only know the power of weapons and to death innocent people.

And Bin Laden, the hide hand of this story is in holidays still.

Autopsy in the brain of Bin Laden

As I commented in this entry of the cool blog: King of New York:

This was a thing that doesn’t have an explication still. People with brain would have not done this stupidity”.

An atrocious plan that only a bloodthirsty screenwriter dare to weave, ignoring that a day the scene written could be reality in terrorist hands.

Anyway, it isn't only the beginning. Sure that they will find the manner to scare us again, trying to kill innocent people, who don't have any implication on the subject, only for the fact of saying that they are there, representing a menace if politicians don't leave them to carry on with their projects.


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