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The Obama administration wants to break with the past. And past wants to say the legacy that Bush left to the new president. A hard legacy to manage because there are a million of things that “the worst president of USA” didn't know to control and after all the world is assuming the consequences of his faults, above all: crises world.

But now, a thing that Obama must solve is the famous plan that Bush had prepared in Europe for protecting Americans of Iranians menace.

European missile defence plan

Bush believed that EEUU was the centre of the world and didn't import him if he would want to build a shield in the middle of Europe for preventing attacks of Iran against American objectives, although for this situation people and politicians in Europe didn't agree with it.

Obama it’s different, he wants to do a more peaceful policy and to break with all the weird stories of Bush. All is possible with a smile and nice words of Obama.


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