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Recently, an Indian Lunar mission has discovered that there is water in the moon. After an astronaut did the firsts steps in the Earth’s satellite that the moon is a simple rock in the space, less for romantic people and for the witch that wait for the full moon to practice sorcery.

The curious thing about this report is how a country that is poorest has been able to arrive so away.

Indian astronaut go to the moon

Water is the essence of the live for scientists. The only presence of H2O molecules put investigators in alert for discover more things about the planet in question. Mars is an example when they discovered that had ice.

It's certainly that can be another kind of life that don’t need water for living, but a thing is sure, people want to see the human invasion in the Moon or in Mars yet.

Although after we repent of this decision because humans are as a plague which pollute all whatever step.


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