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Argentinian paleontologists have recently discovered what would be supposed the biggest dinosaur living on Earth: an enormous weirdo herbivorous lizard, which walked like a steamroller on the terrestrial surface.

What the hell was God thinking when created the world where we live? Such big animals around us, little human beings…It is clear that God was wrong, and I think it was one of its mistakes, because those kind of giant creatures must eat a lot of herbage, so imagine thousands of those monsters eating without stop all vegetables in Earth, in a few years we couldn’t breathe because lack of oxygen, even atmosphere polluted by their farts and incredible bigger excrements. This is my theory about their disappearance.

Luckily or not, one never knows what would be better when talking about hypotheses; human beings won the battle against such enormous beasts which populated our planet. I could not imagine a world managed by those gigantic living beings and we, mankind, subjected to their will.
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