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Shawn left a new comment on my post: "DO STEREOTYPES TELL US REALLY AS WE ARE?"

I wonder why most the stereotypes fit with the different people/cultures. I wonder how the stereotypes will change as the years pass, and cultures begin mixing even more with each other.

Dear Shawn, thank you for your comment. I also wonder why Scottish people are branded as stingy people, or Italians as great and lovely lovers.

The most curious thing is that generation after generation it is a thing that is inherited. I don’t know if as you say, with the passage of time and people mixed from different cultures, it could change. Imagine a weird stereotype mutation between a Spanish Torero + English hooligan = ???

Stereotypes are an important part of our lives. What would be if not about gossiping over that new Brazilian neighbor arrived to your building? From being born, people are classified on different labels to put the world in order.
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